I make custom pieces based on your individual requests. All pieces are created with intention, love, and purpose. Artwork can be personally tailored to your home, colour scheme, and preferences. 



Every price you are quoted will end in “.88” if not consist entirely on the number 8. The vibrations and attributes of the number 8 relate to manifesting wealth and positive abundance, achievement, karma, and infiniteness. The 8 signifies never-ending prosperity with it’s infinity structure. Every piece of art that is custom made for you is made with the intention of providing love and abundant energy into your home. With every creation of art lies a blessing and positivity. Large orders are delivered with a small amount of sage for the purpose of smudging- it is recommended that you set an intention for your artwork before displaying it in your home. Further energy and vibration work is available upon request, including crystal or energy additions from Sedona, Arizona. If there is something you are struggling with, visuals can be used as a Law of Attraction tool to manifest something you feel you currently lack. Please include all relevant details in your request. 


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card